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The Putnam Valley Library seeks to place a proposition on the ballot at the general election in November. This proposition would allow Putnam Valley residents to vote on the Library budget.

On Monday, August 3rd at 7pm, the Library Board of Trustees held a public meeting to explain this process, discuss Library finances, and identify our goals for the Library.

Missed the meeting? Learn all about the Library's budget proposal here:

The Trustees will be around town, going door to door, outside the Post Office as well as at the Library to collect your signature on our petitions to get the proposition on the ballot.

The Library Trustees are: Priscilla Keresey, President,Terry Raskyn, Faith Oland, Arlene Rubinstein, Diane Malek, and Jennifer Kohn.

Each signature on the petition is only a request to put the budget on the ballot.

A signature is not a vote for or against the budget. The actual budget vote will occur in November on Election Day.  

We ask for your patience as we work on the exterior projects. Our covered pedestrian bridge will remain closed until repairs are complete. While the vehicular bridge has been closed to cars, it has always been open as a pedestrian walkway to access the Library.

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